Shiina Pikarin Takes Us Into Her Totally Normal MV For “Kakunin Jikou: Shiawase Toka ni Tsuite”

shiina pikarin

Shiina Pikarin takes us into her totally normal and dreamy MV for Kakunin Jikou: Shiawase Toka ni Tsuite.

Kakunin Jikou: Shiawase Toka ni Tsuite is the theme song for the series Shoujo Pikaresque. 

Shiina Pikarin has a tendency to take the world by storm with her innocent songs that slowly bend reality into a twisted mess of chaos. Not much has changed since her last release, and in fact it seems like she’s taking us even deeper into her mind with an MV that has a simple theme: heaven and hell.

Yes, the MV is packed full of fun and upbeat scenes like her in a cheery world where she dances with Nagasawa Marina and a blonde girl to the adorable electronic beat. But, it wouldn’t be a Pikarin MV if we didn’t have some dark twists, and boy, there are a lot of them.

From her slamming her head into a wall after hearing sounds in her apartment to her becoming possessed as everyone starts getting tortured. This MV is clearly an experience that shows off what Shiina Pikarin is capable of and just how dark an idol can go.

Take a trip into her dark mind below and grab a single or two to show your support!

Kakunin Jikou: Shiawase Toka ni Tsuite
Shiina Pikarin

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