Shuukan Idol – Choose Your BiS Edition

broken by the scream

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get to enjoy a variety of MVs from a large amount of groups. Shiina Pikarin, BiS, BiSH, and even Morning Musume ’18, there’s a lot to enjoy in our 6 highlights of the week!


> Shiina Pikarin takes us into her totally normal MV for Kakunin Jikou: Shiawase Toka ni Tsuite

Ready to be unsettled by Shiina Pikarin? Well, her latest MV is sure to do just that. It combines Nagasawa Marina, a “heaven and hell” theme, and a ton of nightmarish situations to a relatively catchy electronic release. It’s a prime example of what Pikarin is capable of and is sure to leave you confused and delighted at the same time.

> BiS1st and BiS2nd visit a dump and a fish market in the MVs for Don’t miss it!!

Watanabe continues his goal of confusing the heck out of fans with the release of BiS1st and BiS2nd’s new MVs. It’s the same song, sung by two different groups, with two different MVs. The first shows off a fish market in Hong Kong while the second has a more traditional trash dump setting. Which one is your favorite?

> Yui Ga Dockson goes full gyaru in the MV for Like a virgin

Yui Ga Dockson has always been known as one of GANG PARADE’s most unique members. Why not give her a solo release to celebrate her uniqueness? Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened and the result is an MV that is packed full of dancing gyaru girls and weird innuendo. It’s WACK at its finest.

> Task have Fun show off their red car in the MV for Kime wa Rock You!

Nothing says rock and roll like an old fashioned red car and some leather jackets. Thankfully, Task have Fun added a variety of those scenes into their latest MV, making for a fun way to enjoy their “rock meets idol” single. It’s on the laid-back side, but it’s a must watch for fans of the group.

> BiSH make me shed a manly tear in the MV for Life is beautiful

Yes, BiSH are slowly falling into the “avex made us boring” category, but you can’t deny that the group knows how to do emotional right. Take their latest MV for example, where we get to enjoy an emotional ride through the life of a couple. It’s a touching look into what a ballad can do, even though most wish BiSH could go back to their OTNK days.

> Morning Musume ’18 get down in the MV for A gonna

Have you ever wanted to see Momusu get down to some E-girls-styled music? Well, you’re in luck. Morning Musume ’18 have released the first of their MVs for their latest single and it’s a treat. There’s a catchy modern beat, a colorful warehouse, and even some unique outfits to enjoy. Strike a pose and check out this MV!


This week we have Sakura Ebis and their MV for Ebi Body Wanna Be. Out since MArch 21st, the track is part of their 1st album titled sakuraebis.

Green screen tends to get a bad reputation, but in the right hands it makes for an incredibly fun addition to any release. Take Sakura Ebis for example where they combine an upbeat and fun release with an over the top MV.

From pixelated broccoli and chicken wings to giant sharks chasing after the members, it’s truly a masterpiece that could only be performed by Japanese idols. Add in some scenes of the members being a manga artist or a bride and you have a good idea of what expect: pure randomness. Make sure to enjoy this upbeat and delight of an MV below!

Ebi Body Wanna Be
Sakura Ebis

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any link to grab a copy of their album. But, make sure to give the video above a like to show your support.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!