Task have Fun Show Off Their Red Car In The MV For “Kime wa Rock You!”

task have fun kimi wa rock you

Task have Fun show off their red car in the MV for their new single titled 『Kime』 wa Rock You!

Out June 9th, the single will be released in 1 edition.

Task have Fun are back and this time they’re bringing in a sweet red car to show off in their latest rock-styled release. For this release we get to enjoy two different sounds: rock and idol. The way that they’re combined makes for a fun treat for fans who get to enjoy a new side of the group.

All of this happens as the group jumps between two different MV shots. Their rock side has edgy outfits, a red car, and dark lights which makes for fun visuals. But, the group also has a poppy side where they wear colorful outfits and smiles as the beat plays.

It’s a fun release and one that fans of this up and coming group should definitely enjoy. Check it out below and grab a copy to show your support!

『Kime』wa Rock You!
Task have Fun

task have fun kimi wa rock you cover