BiSH Make Me Shed A Manly Tear In The MV For “Life is beautiful”

bish life is beautiful hide the blue

BiSH make me shed a manly tear in the MV for their 4th major single titled Life is beautiful.

Out June 20th, the single will be a double a-side release alongside HiDE the BLUE.

With a title like Life is beautiful, most people expect to hear a ballad that touches the hearts of many. Well, you’re right. Yes, it’s time to pull out the tissues because we’re going through what can only be described as one of BiSH’s most emotional rides.

As the MV begins, we realize that most of the video follows the life story of a couple. We get to see them as infants and before our eyes we get to see them mature, growing together with each passing scene. Eventually, they grow to old age and together they share a touching moment as the wife goes through illness.

It’s a journey that becomes more familiar with each scene, making for the perfect backdrop as the emotional ballad plays. It’s slow, but the passion behind each line is felt as the song plays. It’s truly a non-traditional BiSH release, but it works well to add a bit of variety to the history of the otherwise non-idol group.

The ending is especially touching, so make sure to see the MV below to see what happens. Also, pick up a copy of the single if possible to show your support!

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Life is beautiful

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