Beboga! (Niji no Conquistador) “Kachitobase! Eiko no Rainbow” MV Released

Beboga! Niji no Conquistador

Beboga! (Niji no Conquistador’s yellow team) have released the MV for their 1st single titled Kachitobase! Eiko no Rainbow.

Out October 18th, the single will be released in two editions.

While somewhat of a surprise, it’s always great to see groups that have performed for years finally get a chance to share their music with everyone through a single.

Sure, Beboga! might be a tad on the unknown side (I couldn’t find much info on them), but this single is surprisingly solid and should hopefully lead to them becoming well known on the idol scene.

Kachitobase! Eiko no Rainbow is upbeat and with catchy rock touches that help make it a fun song to listen to. Paired with scenes of the members as they perform in a school gym, it helps make for a must see video for fans of upbeat idol music.

Beboga! will be promoting the single with their 1st one man live this upcoming January, so everyone who enjoys the single is definitely encouraged to check it out.

There is also a video of them at an event where they announced their new single and reacted to their MV. It’s a cute addition since shortly after they show off a performance where they’re definitely excited about the announcement.

For now, check out this fun MV and the video above and grab a copy of the single to help support them!

Beboga! Kachitobase Regular



  1. Kachitobase! Eiko no Rainbow
  2. Episode 2U
  3. Kachitobase! Eiko no Rainbow (off vocal ver.)
  4. Episode 2U (off vocal ver.)

Beboga! Kachitobase Limited



Same as Regular edition


  1. Kachitobase! Eiko no Rainbow Music Video
  2. Documentary video