Color Pointe “Rainy Princess” MV Released

Color Pointe

Color Pointe have released the MV for their track titled Rainy Princess.

Part of their latest album titled PAINT NIGHTMARE, it was released on September 14th.

Set in an underground cavern and featuring scenes of the members as they lay together in bathtubs, Color Pointe manage to show off a catchy song in an artistic way.

The visuals are on point, showing off each member as they sing with a dark blue theme related to water. Combined with the foggy look of the cavern it makes for an interesting mashup of colors.

Rainy Princess has a sound that is rock heavy but with a classical touch, making for an interesting mashup of sounds that is nothing short of amazing. Fans of the harder idol releases will be pleased, and those who prefer something a bit softer will appreciate the soft ballad styled vocals.

If you loved this release make sure to check out their previous single titled Sugar pianist.

There is also a digest featuring previews of all of the tracks and it’s well worth a listen:

Make sure to check out the MV and the digest since Color Pointe among the most unique groups on the idol scenes today!




  1. Rainy Princess
  2. Cosmo・Star Factory. Inc
  3. Nijifude-kun no Uta
  4. ~Platinum stella ~
  5. Seiren’s dinner
  6. Paint-Nightmare

Color Pointe