Color Pointe “Sugar pianist” MV Released

Color Pointe

Color Pointe have released the MV for their upcoming track titled Sugar pianist.

Released back on April 6th, the track is part of their 2nd mini album titled PARADIGM SHIFT.

Idol music has reached a point where it’s starting to branch off into several interesting mashups, most notably Color Pointe who classify themselves as futuristic ballet.

In terms of music, there is a guitar touch to the classic styled instrumental. Combined with the vocals of the members, it forms a unique sound that defeats any traditional idol sounds that we’re used to.

Visually, it’s like watching a theater performance. As the members make their way across the stage, scenes of them eating sweets and throwing konpeito help add to the “sweet” theme (while drastically increasing my blood sugar).

Make sure to check out the two MVs (one of which has a story) since it seems like this was a solid, classically modern release many might have missed.

Color Pointe Paradigm Shift



  1. Hoshikuzu Stairway
  2. Astro Girl
  3. Dancing Parade
  4. Antique circus
  5. Sugar Pianist

Color Pointe OHP