AKB48’s Maeda Ami Announces Graduation

Maeda Ami Graduation

AKB48 Team A’s Maeda Ami has announced her graduation from the group.

Announced during her birthday live at AKB48 Theater, she will graduate to focus her career on acting.

A date for her graduation has not been set.

AKB48 Maeda Ami

While sad, it’s always great to see that members have goals in mind that they want to accomplish.

With her joining the group back in 2008, it’s somewhat expected to see her move away from AKB48 so she can make way for newer generations in order for them to shine. In fact, it seems like this move was expected with her announcing that she wouldn’t take part in this year’s Senbatsu.

I encourage everyone who is in the area to follow her as she makes her way to becoming an actress, starting off with her role in Orange Note which will be opening June 22nd.

Best of luck Maeda Ami!

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