Shuukan Idol – AKB48 Loses a Member, Silent Siren Go Overseas, and More


AKB48 loses a member, Silent Siren make their way overseas, and summer comes early with various MVs from Musubizm among others.

That and more this week in our top 5 headlines!


Summer heats up with Shida Summer Aria Summer’s latest MV 

Tokyo Girls’ Style’s Arai and Yumemiru Adolescence’s Shida come together to release a catchy MV. Despite overusing the word summer to a slightly concerning level, this is going to be a memorable release for fans of the duo.

Maeda Ami to part ways with AKB48

Maeda Ami has announced her graduation from AKB48. While it might be sad, it’s great to see older members take a step to the side so that younger members can get a chance to shine.

Iketeru Hearts hop overseas to perform in Taiwan

Iketeru Hearts will be performing in Taiwan as part of an idol carnival. It’s not a solo concert, but I am excited that fans in the area will get a chance to see them perform.

Silent Siren announce a new almost-world tour this fall

Silent Siren make their way overseas to perform for fans in the US and Asia. Sure, it’s not technically a “world tour”, but nonetheless it’s a great start for this talented group.

Golden rice ball! Musubizm go undercover in the MV for Mae wo Muke!

Musubizm have released the MV for their long awaited 1st single. It’s by far the most played song in my phone at the moment, and I encourage everyone who likes idol music to check it out as well. It’s cute, it’s catchy, it’s a must have!

Site Updates

I’m still taking care of a few personal things outside of posting news but I believe I might have a day or two free where I’ll be able to sit down and finally finish up the site name update I had promised a while ago.

That will be coming up soon so I hope to share those site name suggestions in the coming weeks!

As for the review, I hope to push that live today so fingers crossed! If not, it will be going up by tomorrow so please look forward to that.


Bandjanaimon! are an interesting group in the idol-sphere. The anime voice vocals of Koishio might be something you love or hate, but they have some surprisingly solid songs once you get used to that.

We’re kicking off summer with Chocolat Love (the reborn version, the original is a tad too sweet for me):

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