Nogizaka46 Announces Lineup for 15th Single

Nogizaka46 15th Single Lineup
Image credit: Zaka46 News
Nogizaka46 have revealed the lineup for their upcoming 15th single, including the announcement that Saito Asuka has been chosen as center.

Releasing July 27th, the currently untitled single will be released in Regular, Type A, B, and C editions.

Lineups for singles has become an interesting competition between idols as they try and get their time in the spotlight, and thankfully fans won’t have to wait more for details about Nogizaka46’s new single.

Here is the lineup for the release:

1st Row

  1. Hashimoto Nanami
  2. Nishino Nanase
  3. Saito Asuka
  4. Shiraishi Mai
  5. Ikuta Erika

2nd Row

  1. Takayami Kazumi
  2. Eto Misa
  3. Matsumura Sayuri
  4. Akimoto Manatsu
  5. Sakurai Reika

3rd Row

  1. Hinako Kitano
  2. Hoshino Minami
  3. Wakatsuki Yumi
  4. Ikoma Rina
  5. Hori Miona
  6. Nakamoto Himeka

The big news is definitely that Saito Asuka has been chosen as center, which should definitely please many fans who have been waiting for her to lead a single.

No other details such as title, tracklists, or covers have been released, but for now congratulations Saito Asuka!

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