[Updated] Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da Announce Gomochi and Aza Are Suspended

Zenbu Kimi no Seida Gomochi Aza

UPDATED: Their graduation details have been released

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da have announced that members Gomochi and Aza are suspended from the group and will depart from the group.

Aza has announced her departure immediately from the group, mentioning that she was going to leave the group anyways due to poor health. Gomochi will be graduating from the group on December 30th at the group’s Hibiya Liquid Room concert.

According to reports, it seems as photos surfaced of them hanging out with fans. AS a result, those fans have been banned from future events, and Gomochi and Aza will leave the group after a public apology.

While tough, idol groups (even alternative idols apparently) are notorious for keeping a pure image so having idols in casual photos with fans seems like a slight oversight from their part. Of course, we’re not sure of the specifics regarding their contracts but despite being alternative idols it seems like they’re still expected to retain some kind of idol image.

Hopefully the group can still continue since this is a rather large impact for their lineup, but time will tell.

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