Every Candye♡Syrup Member Is Graduating, New Auditions Announced

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Candye♡Syrup have announced that every member will graduate from the group.

No specific reason was given as to why the members would graduate. However, another notice was shortly put up announcing the start of 2nd phase auditions for new members. Women aged 16-28 are encouraged to join, with the auditions taking place from June 26th – July 8th.

The graduation date for the current members is set for August 19th at their one year anniversary live. Ichigo Hatsune has withdrawn immediately due to personal reasons.

The planned US performance at Saboten Con in August 31st – September 3rd will carry on as usual with the remaining 4 members.

Well, that’s something.

Candye♡Syrup were a breath of fresh air in the world of idolcore, with their move to go their separate ways one that caught everyone by surprise. We’re not sure if the graduations were voluntary or if the producer decided to start again with new members. However, it seems like the group is about to start a new phase in their trajectory.

It’s disappointing because of how much I came to like the members, but it’s exciting to be able to see how phase 2 of the group will turn out. For now, I encourage everyone to go to one of their shows to show your support and say goodbye to the members.

Thank you for everything Candye♡Syrup members!

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