Shuukan Idol – Akishibu Project’s 1st Single, SKE48 Goodness, and More

Ishida Ayumi Bikini

This week we get to enjoy a more details about Akishibu Project’s 1st single as well as scenes of Ishida Ayumi’s latest solo Blu-ray, SKE48 MVs, and more.

That and more in our top 5 highlights of the week!


Akishibu Project show off MVs for their 1st single

Akishibu Project finally get to release their 1st single and they have surprised us with MVs for the two main tracks Summer☆Summer / Setsunatsuri. A solid release from this talented idol group!

> SKE48 show off their mature side in the MVs for Kin no Ai, Gin no Ai and Sayonara ga Utsukushikute

With a strong ballad sound, SKE48 have finally shown us the MVs for their latest single and it seems promising. From the casual ballad feel of the main track to the graduation song for Shibata Aya. They’re both packed with feeling for fans to enjoy.

Cheeky Parade show off a new start in their MV for Hands up!

With the graduation of Yamamoto Marin and Suzuki Mariya, Cheeky Parade blast into the scene with an action packed single for fans to enjoy. Is the new lineup still strong enough?

Ishida Ayumi shows off scenes from her solo Blu-ray It’s a Beautiful Day!

While Mizuki holds the reigns as my favorite member in Morning Musume, I have to admit that Ayumi is a close second and seeing the preview for her latest solo release was the best. Featuring a variety of shots, this solo release is a must have for fans!

Kobushi Factory pair up with Crayon Shin-chan for the Ora wa Ninkimono MV

With an upbeat sound and a fun throwback to fans of the anime, Kobushi Factory give us a cover for Crayon Shin-chan’s theme that while simple is a welcome addition to their latest single.

Noteworthy mentions:


It’s been a long week and we’re at the peak of July with idols around Japan releasing MVs nonstop with the word summer in them.

Ai Otome☆DOLL are one of them and to prepare for their latest single Mera Mera Summer Time they show off a catchy and upbeat beach MV packed full of bikinis, hanabi, and fan service that’s worth checking out!

Thank you for tuning in this week, we’ll see you in the next one!