LoVendoЯ’s Uozumi Yuki To Graduate

Lovendor Uozomi Yuki

LoVendoЯ has announced that guitarist Uozomi Yuki will be graduating from the group as well as from Up-Front Create.

Her graduation date is set for September 16th.

According to the announcement, her decision to leave the group is based on her wanting to achieve more skills as a guitarist as well as studying abroad.

The group will continue with only Tanaka Reina, Okada Marina, and Miyazawa Marin.

I’m surprised to say the least since LoVendoЯ seemed to be among the most solid groups since it was formed upon Tanaka Reina’s graduation, not to mention that Yuki has always been among my favorite members from the group.

Regardless, it seems like she has great dreams in mind so I hope everyone can continue to support her as she grows to become an amazing guitarist!

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