Kuromiya Rei Is Leaving LADYBABY

The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY Kuromiya Rei

Kuromiya Rei has announced that she will be leaving The Idol Formerly Known as LADYBABY.

According to the announcement, Rei has a throat condition that makes performing difficult. She apologized for the sudden news and explained that she had to force herself to continue performing. However, if she were to continue this could affect her ability to sing. She also added that her personality does not fit with being an idol.

Kaneko Rie apologized for the sudden news as well. She mentions how she wanted to quit upon hearing the news that Rei was going to leave. However, she mentions how it would be a waste to just leave after all the work they had put up into building LADYBABY. She will take some time to make a decision on whether she will continue the group and what her future plans are.

This means that their upcoming tour scheduled for November 25th and other future plans have been suspended for the time being. Details for the future of the group will be released at a later date.

This came out of nowhere but it is not surprising to see that Rei Kuromiya has decided to leave the idol world. As she mentioned, her voice could be in trouble and forcing herself to sing could be too much. By leaving she will be able to rest, recover, and enjoy more freedom.

Best of luck Kuromiya Rei, and LADYBABY fans, stay tuned for more.