Fukumura Mizuki “Hatachi” PB Covers

Fukumura Mizuki Hatachi Cover

The covers for Fukumura Mizuki‘s upcoming PB titled Hatachi have been released.

Out July 15th, the PB will be released in normal and Amazon exclusive versions.

The PB is made up of shots from her appearances in UTB+ (summer 2016 – spring 2017), so fans who have had a chance to experience those pictures are in for a treat.

The regular cover for the release is nothing short of pure art, with Mizuki excitedly looking to the side. It’s simple, but elegant and a great option for those who wish to explore the world of Mizuki but don’t know where to start.

Fukumura Mizuki Hatachi Cover Amazon
Amazon Cover

The Amazon cover manages to get an image that is sure to weaken even the mightiest of hearts as it comes in close to fill almost every pixel of the cover with Mizuki. As she glances at the camera I can already feel the money loosening from my wallet.

That being said, both covers are pretty solid and have a unique look that shows off Mizuki’s traditional beauty in a way that mere words cannot (if you can’t tell, I’m biased). Make sure to grab your copies below since they are amazing!

Fukumura Mizuki Hatachi Cover


Amazon.jp Regular | Amazon.jp Exclusive Version