AKB48’s 42nd Single Titled “Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby”

Takahashi Minami AKB48

It was announced during a handshake event in Hokkaido that the title for AKB48’s 42nd single will be Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby.

Alongside the release, there will be a special set list made by Takahashi at the AKB48 Theater, but there is no current info about that at the moment. Still, it’s a relief to find out more info about this single since it is one of the most important due to it being the last for Minami.

From the title alone it seems like we might be getting a ballad or a traditional idol song so it will be nice to find out what it sounds like. Of course, we should be getting a preview anytime soon since the release is around a month away.

The release date is set for December 9, so make sure to get that copy pre-ordered!

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