Makino Maria Mini-PB Announced

Maria Makino Greeting Photobook

Morning Musume 15’s Makino Maria will be releasing a mini-PB based on her solo Blu-ray titled Maria Makino Greeting -Photobook-.

Most of the time, a Greeting Blu-ray release is done to promote a new member that not many fans might know and it’s uncommon to see a PB come out, but it seems like we’re in for a rare treat since there seems to be a mini-PB in the works for Makino.

Since I have just begun to get back into Morning Musume 15, I am curious to find out more about her so it’s a perfect chance to find out more and see a side of her we don’t normally see in concerts and shows.

November 14 is the date set for release so if you’re interested, make sure to get a pre-order in since we have only days before release!

Source: e-Lineup! Site