BiSH Go Full Star Wars In The MV For “NON TiE-UP”

bish life is beautiful hide the blue

BiSH go full Star Wars in the MV for NON TiE-UP.

Out June 27th, the single is described as a GUERRiLLA single.

Do you want to see one of the most epic BiSH MVs in recent history? You’re in luck because BiSH have released a surprise GUERRiLLA single and with it comes an MV made with a ton of CG.

Taking place in a planet covered in red sand, the members wear colorful outfits as they sing along to the epic instrumental. While the instrumental often overpowers the vocals we get to enjoy a song that matches the epic nature of the visuals. Add in scenes of them running around in white outfits and a variety of fight scenes and you have what is easily the most cinematic idol MV ever.

It’s not exactly a punk-styled BiSH release but it’s a nice step into the experimental route. The only unfortunate thing is that the single doesn’t seem to be available as a CD overseas, but you can enjoy the song and epic MV below for now!



bish non tie-up cover


  1. NON TiE-UP
  2. Sha!! Ha!! Nua!! Aa. Shi!! Itee.