ANGERME’s Murota Mizuki Announces 1st PB

Murota Mizuki

ANGERME member Murota Mizuki will be releasing her 1st photo book titled MURO.

Out May 15th, it was shot in Okinawa.

The photo book will feature the typical array of idol outfits including swimsuits and the ever so necessary seifuku shots. There will also be a Making Of DVD that features a grand total of 36 minutes of behind the scenes shots.

There will be 80 pages of photos for fans to enjoy and if that’s not enough for you, there will also be a bonus L-sized photo as a bonus.

Murotan did release a solo Greeting mini-PB back in June but a full PB release is something that not many members get. Fortunately, fan response seems to have been positive.

No cover is available right now, but we should be getting some kind of preview in the coming weeks. Make sure to stay tuned for links to grab your own copy!


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      1. It was the way it looked on my phone. Once I saw the full title, I was elated. Wasn’t the first time this sort of thing happened. XD;

        …I’m becoming just as bad as the graduation-fearing rumor-mongers I wrote about in a post. Oh dear….

        Either way, huzzah!

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