Ikoma Rina Is Graduating From Nogizaka46

nogizaka46 ikoma rina

Ikoma Rina will be graduating from Nogizaka46.

According to her, now that she’s in her 20s she wishes to find a way to improve herself in order to find what she wishes to do to live as an adult. She started to think about the future and the skills she needs in order to find a career. In order to find her calling in life, she has decided to leave the group and find her next challenge.

Details about her graduation date will be released later, but she will graduate after Nogizaka46’s next single is released in March.

Ikoma Rina joined Nogizaka46 as a 1st generation member in August of 2011.

Being in your 20s in Japan is an important event, and not surprisingly it’s the reason why many idols decide to leave their groups. They start to think about their future and how to best find the skills they need to accomplish goals in life after becoming adults.

Now that she’s decided to leave the group she will be able to find what makes her the happiest and hopefully turn that into a career. Best of luck Rina!


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