Shuukan Idol – FLOWER POWER (January 21 – 27)

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a large amount of MVs from Itano Tomomi, STU48, NMB48, Happiness, Flower, and Juice=Juice. Add in a surprise return from a former idol on stage and you have yourself our 7 highlights of the week!


> Sayashi Riho is performing at Hello! Project Hinamatsuri Festival 2019

Remember Riho? This talented ace was going to be the idol to lead Momusu into success with her dancing and singing talents. But, she ended up leaving the group in 2015 and since then we haven’t heard much from her at all. However, that’s changing, with a surprise announcement that she would be making an appearance at the Hinamatsuri Festival from H!P.

> Itano Tomomi spends a day with her boyfriend in the MV for Suki. to Iukoto

Acting out true love is pretty hard to do in an MV. But, Itano Tomomi manages to get pretty close to recreating that warm and fuzzy feeling with a variety of scenes of her with a guy. Sure, she awkwardly kisses a guy throughout and the song is rather generic, but hey, it’s worth a watch if you want something on the romantic side.

> NMB48 party it up in the colorful MV for Tokonoma Seiza Musume

Have your eyes not had their daily dose of colors? Well, check out the latest MV from NMB48, which packs in lasers, colorful settings, and a green sports car to tantalize your eyes. Add in a catchy song with energetic “Ooh” and “Ah” lines and you have yourself a great start to NMB48’s latest single!

> STU48 show off their boat in the MV for Shukkou

STU48 are an idol group based out of sea without a boat. It’s been delayed several times and after a debut single many gave up hope in seeing it anytime soon. But, in the latest STU48 MV we get a rather surprising look at the boat in all of its half-finished glory. Is it dangerous to have idols perform in there? Maybe, but it’s worth a look to see what we can expect from this venue.

> Flower go red and white in the artistic MV for Kurenai no Dress

Idol MVs tend to follow a simple formula: smile at the camera, do cute stuff, repeat. Well, it seems like Flower are going for another theme with their latest MV by showing off just how artistic they can get. Add in some intense choreography and you have yourself a truly amazing MV to enjoy.

> Happiness get into a comic book for their POWER GIRLS MV

It’s been a long time since we last heard of Happiness releasing a single. Well, that’s about to change with a surprise digital single courtesy of the E.G. Family digital singles. For this release, we get an MV packed full of vibrant colors and intense dance moves. Sounds like a typical E.G. Family release, but we get to see Happiness perform again so that’s always nice.

> Juice=Juice get classy in the MV for Potsuri to

Juice=Juice continue the MVs for their latest single with a ballad. Wait, wait. Before you scroll below, this is not your typical ballad release. In fact, the MV is packed with classy scenes showing off the members as they sing along to the piano and dance in a void with some video effects. It’s a well done MV, and one that is well worth checking out!


This week we have Magical Punchline and their MV for Melty Kiss. Out February 20th, the single will be released in 2 editions.

Sometimes all you need is an idol release that makes you feel happy. Well, Magical Punchline have you covered with their latest release. In it we get to see the girls as they do completely normal things. They make a cake and decorate it, sleep in a bed, and sing into a camera, stuff that everyone does in a normal day. But, what sets this release apart is the fact that each scene has a rather charming feel to it.

It might be because we’re spoiled with fantasy settings from other MVs, but having some normal scenes is a nice change. This is something we can hear in the song, since Melty Kiss has a rather laid back sound. Sure, it’s upbeat and has a nice feel, but it’s not a hyper, energetic song that will blast you with energy.

So, this release as a whole is a pleasant surprise. It’s a chill idol single that gets rid of the complex settings in favor of adding in colors. Simple and clean.

Melty Kiss
Magical Punchline

Head on over to the link below to grab a copy of their single or their other releases:


That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!