Juice=Juice get classy in the MV for “Potsuri to”

juice=juice 11th single

Juice=Juice get classy in the MV for their 11th single titled titled Potsuri to.

Out February 13th, the single will be a triple a-side release alongside Bitansan / Good bye & Good luck!

After going retro in the MV for Bitansan, Juice=Juice are back to walk us through a series of classy scenes. Fair warning, this is a ballad so if you wanted something with a bit more kick to it you’ll have to look elsewhere. But, even if you’re not I highly recommend you stick around since this song is a true masterpiece.

Going more in depth into the visuals, the MV has a brilliant amount of depth. Most of the scenes feature Juice=Juice as they sing along to the song and freeze when their lines are over. It’s a nice concept made even better by the lighting of the sets they’re in. But, the dance scene wins the MV for me. It’s set in a white void, but the effects used throughout give it a dreamy look, which is done in a fantastic way.

If you’re in the mood for a ballad, then you’ll feel right at home with Potsuri to. The main part of the song has a slow piano instrumental that goes perfectly with the vocals of the members. Add in a powerful chorus and you have yourself a treat, making it a rare ballad that can appeal to even fans who are not too into the group.

The quality shines in this MV, so make sure to give it a look if you’re into it and grab a copy of the single if you dig it.

Potsuri to

juice=juice bitansan cover limited a
Limited A


juice=juice bitansan cover regular a
Regular A


juice=juice potsuri cover limited b
Limited B


juice=juice potsuri cover regular b
Regular B


juice=juice good bye good luck cover limited c
Limited C


juice=juice good bye good luck cover regular c
Regular C


juice=juice bitansan potsuri good bye luck cover sp


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