Juice=Juice take a walk at night in the MV for “Bitansan”

juice=juice 11th single

Juice=Juice take a walk at night in the MV for their 11th single titled titled Bitansan.

Out February 13th, the single will be a triple a-side release alongside Potsuri to / Good bye & Good luck!

This is the last single to feature Yanagawa Nanami and the first for member Inaba Manaka.

Night scenes are always the perfect setting for any MV and in the first MV for Juice=Juice’s 11th single we get to see them be used perfectly.

The MV for Bitansan is a mix of solo shots with some good visual effects added as well as some scenes of the members walking the streets at night. Each scene has a nice mix of variety thrown in, which makes them all unique. Whether they’re walking down the streets at night or simply singing to the camera, it manages to grab your attention and keep it throughout.

One thing before we dive into the song: As an Inaba Manaka fan, I appreciate the fact that she shows up in a lot of scenes with Miyamoto Karin. Most newer members tend to be in the background at the start but it’s good to see her get center stage for this release.

Now, let’s talk about the song. Bitansan can best be described as a passionate ballad with a retro feel. Since the start of the song until the end, we get to enjoy a rather subdued instrumental with just the right amount of sounds. The vocals play nicely with the beat, making for an enjoyable start to this single.

It’s a great start to the single and one that fans are sure to appreciate. Enjoy it below!


juice=juice bitansan cover limited a
Limited A


juice=juice bitansan cover regular a
Regular A


juice=juice potsuri cover limited b
Limited B


juice=juice potsuri cover regular b
Regular B


juice=juice good bye good luck cover limited c
Limited C


juice=juice good bye good luck cover regular c
Regular C


juice=juice bitansan potsuri good bye luck cover sp


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