Niji no Conquistador give us some chocolate in the sweet MV for “Honmei Chocolatier”

niji no conquistador honmei chocolatier

Niji no Conquistador give us some chocolate in the sweet MV for Honmei Chocolatier.

Out now, the single is available exclusively from the record label King Records’ shop.

There have been a lot of interesting and unique goods singles released from Niji no Conquistador. There was Single T (t-shirt), Single N (cup noodle), Single C (curry), Single B (bubble bus), and now we get to enjoy Single S (chocolate soap). It’s an interesting choice but one that fits with the Valentine’s Day theme that they’re aiming for with this release.

So with a sweet theme like that, you’d expect to see the members turn up the fan service, right? Actually, we get to see them wield weapons and look pretty badass as they sing along to the heavy guitars in the instrumental. It’s a unique song but one that has a rather interesting feel to it thanks in part to the slow feel.

The MV is pretty dark, but there are random scenes of the members giving us chocolate. Not much happens in these scenes apart from the members saying a cute sentence and presenting a box of chocolates to the camera. It’s adorable and adds an interesting touch to the scenes of the members fighting and dancing, even if it’s a touch random.

If you’re interested in getting a copy of this chocolate soap single you can do so by checking the link at the bottom of this article. For those of us who are unable to get one (they appear to be only available in Japan), we can at least stare at the screen as idols offer us chocolate. That’s something.

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