BAND-MAID channel their inner Queen in the MV for “Bubble”

band maid

BAND-MAID channel their inner Queen in the MV for their major 5th single titled Bubble.

Out now, the single will be released alongside another single titled glory.

Bubble is the theme song of the drama Perfect Crime.

The movie Bohemian Rhapsody has been called one of the best in recent times, with the epic story of Queen being told through a variety of interesting and well made scenes. Well, it seems like BAND-MAID are a fan of the movie as well since their latest MV takes cues from that movie and uses it showcase their latest single.

Taking place in a variety of settings, we get to see the members in several movie-worthy scenes. From laying on the floor while playing their instruments, to drumming with water droplets flying with each beat, there are several fun and dramatic moments that help add some uniqueness to this release. So much so that it seems like we’re watching a movie based off of the members.

As for the song itself, it’s not exactly Queen inspired but it does have the classic BAND-MAID feel that fans know and love. The song is packed with shredding guitars, a sprinkling of English lyrics, and a lot of powerful vocals. It’s a pretty decent release for the most part, but the MV definitely helps add some power to each line.

Will it revolutionize the music industry? Not really, but it’s still a great BAND-MAID release to enjoy and one that fans are sure to appreciate. For now, check out the MV and grab a copy of their singles below!


band maid cover bubble


band maid cover glory