Moso Calibration go into a video game world for their final MV titled “Bakuage ↑ Banzai!!”

moso calibration

Moso Calibration go into a video game world for their final single’s MV titled Bakuage ↑ Banzai!!

Out February 13th, the single will be released in Limited and Regular editions.

When we got notice that Moso Calibration would be disbanding, it was a pretty sad day. This colorful idol group was well known in the scene for their upbeat music, and have gained many fans throughout the world because of it. Thankfully their last MV reflects that, making it the perfect good bye for fans.

Starting off with a sad piano intro, we get to see the members as they chill in the city looking off into the distance. Soon, they’re teleported to a digital world where they play a variety of rhythm games, including the well known Taiko no Tatsujin series. Each scene is done with care and you can notice that they went all out for the final MV as they added as much color as possible.

It’s the perfect backdrop for the song’s intense energy. It’s catchy and has the classic Moso Calibration feel fans have grown to love throughout the years. There is rapping thrown in there, along with a lot of vocals sung with a smile, making it a truly outstanding song to enjoy.

This single is the last we’ll see from them, but Moso Calibration have left their mark in the idol world. Will we see the members again? Probably not, but for now we encourage everyone to check out the MV and check out their final performances if you’re in the area.

Thank you for everything Moso Calibration!

Bakuage ↑ Banzai!!
Moso Calibration

moso calibration bakuage banzai cover limited


moso calibration bakuage banzai cover regular


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