Flower go red and white in the artistic MV for “Kurenai no Dress”

flower kurenai dress

Flower go red and white in the artistic MV for Kurenai no Dress.

Out now, the release is a digital single available on iTunes, Spotify, and other sites.

The E.G Family is actively releasing 5 digital releases and with it come a flurry of MVs for fans to enjoy. After Happiness delighted us with their dance moves, we now get to enjoy a rather artistic masterpiece from Flower.

Art is the main theme for this release, with each scene packed full of red and white outfits and creative sets. Reina is the main singer for this release, with her standing in the middle as the members around her dance intensely during the main shot. Each scene from there on forward is intense and packed full of emotion, from the one of them holding mirrors, wrapped in lights, and in beds adding in some nice variety.

A masterpiece of an MV deserves a song that matches it and thankfully Kurenai no Dress has the same intensity. The instrumental has a traditional Japanese feel to it, with some slow beats to match the singing from Reina. It’s a ballad, so if you’re not into slow songs you won’t be too into it, but it’s definitely a beautiful release for fans of Flower to enjoy.

If you haven’t seen it already, I highly encourage you to check it out. The digital releases from E.G. Family are a treat for fans to enjoy and show off the talent that the members have. Enjoy it below!

Kurenai no Dress

flower kurenai dress cover

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