BiSH Visit A Magical Room In “HiDE the BLUE”

bish paint it black

BiSH visit a magical room in the MV for their 4th major single titled HiDE the BLUE.

Out June 20th, the single will be a double a-side release alongside Life is beautiful.

Well, this came out of nowhere.

It seems like we’re getting a chance to enjoy the newest BiSH single just a few days after the release of their PAiNT it BLACK single. It’s an interesting way of promoting their single but one that’s sure to please fans of the group. With that being said, is the latest release in their “color series” worth a listen?

HiDE the BLUE is visually pretty impressive. Taking place in a room we get to see the members as they move without walking through the room and do all sorts of visual tricks. From appearing in the air to getting split up into various parts, there’s a large amount of visual treats to enjoy in this release.

The song fits the visuals well by having a strong rock sound mixed in with ballad vocals. Sure, it’s definitely toned down compared to their indie days, but it’s a decent song and one that most people will enjoy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like BiSH will return to their “covered in mud” days anytime soon (they’ve been avex’ed).

Are you a fan of HiDE the BLUE? Then you’re in luck because this song will be available almost 2 months earlier on iTunes to purchase. Yes, you can own this track on April 11th, which is pretty sweet. For now, check out the MV below!


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  1. Life is beautiful
  2. HiDE the BLUE