Yurumerumo! “Hamidashi Paradise” MV Released

Yurumerumo Hamidashi Paradise

Yurumerumo! have released a 360° MV for their track Hamidashi Paradise.

The track was released as part of their latest mini-album titled WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL on July 13th.

360° MVs are fairly new, with only a handful of groups like ANGERME trying them out as part of promotion. But, we haven’t seen many groups fully embrace this new technology … until now.

Yurumerumo! show off an entertaining RPG styled MV that involves multiple story lines. You’re trapped in a cube with each side of the cube featuring a different path for each member as the MV progresses. Whenever you want to choose a path you simply look in that direction, which is simple and incredibly entertaining.

Most fans will have to see the MV multiple times to fully enjoy all of the paths, and becoming a completionist will definitely have its rewards.

Hmm? Oh that’s right, it’s an MV for a track! Hamidashi Paradise itself is a fun upbeat song that has a catchy sound. It’s a solid entry and currently among my top picks for this mini-album release due to the fun sound.

You don’t know Japanese? No problem! The MV features two versions, one being the original in Japanese as well as another version in English which has a solid translation.

Make sure to check them out both since they are certainly a treat!

Hamidashi Paradise – Japanese

Hamidashi Paradise – English

Yurumerumo! We Rock Festival



  1. Gizagiza Freedom
  2. Summer Bokan
  4. Mendoi Shindoi PUNK Suru ka
  5. Hamidashi Paradise
  6. Yuru Vista!
  7. Night Hiking