Funaki Musubu Announces 1st PB

Funaki Musubu photo book

Country Girls and ANGERME member Funaki Musubu has announced that she will be releasing her 1st PB titled MUSUBU.

Out August 7th, the PB will be published by Wani Books.

According to the description, she’s being called the Momochi-ism successor and the future of Hello! Project. The photo book was shot in Osaka, where she was born. We’ll get to see landmarks such as the Umeda ferris wheel, as well as her commute to school.

There are also scenes of Okinawa where she will wear a yukata, jump in the ocean, and ride a bicycle.

This is a pleasant surprise for many fans who have been supporting Musubu since she joined Country Girls, and an interesting one since it comes shortly after her move to ANGERME.

As for the PB itself, some might be a bit curious about the type of pictures that will be included due to her age. Thankfully, Hello! Project is well known for doing tasteful PB releases and from the description alone it seems like it will be more of a better way for new fans to get to know her, the future of H!P.

We should be getting the covers in a matter of days and more previews in the coming weeks so make sure to stay tuned!

Wani Books