Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano To Graduate From Up Up Girls

Satou Ayano Sengoku Minami Graduation

Up Up Girls members Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano have announced their graduation from the group.

The news was revealed on Up-Front Link where it was revealed that both members had expressed their interest in graduating before their Nippon Budokan performance last year. The discussions were positive and both members expressed their dreams and what they wished to do outside of the group.

Sengoku Minami mentioned her desire to act, and how at her age (26) she wishes to pursue a bigger challenge in life. She also revealed that she has had some leg and throat injuries for some time, which ultimately led her to finally deciding to follow her dreams of being in plays.

Satou Ayano revealed that she wishes to put an end to her 8 years as an idol and pursue a new challenge in life. She wishes to do work that can make people smile in other ways, with her mentioning how happy it made her to see fans smile at their performances.

No set graduation date has been announced, but it will be announced later. Both Sengoku Minami and Sato Ayano will be participating in planned events and the current tour which is scheduled to end on July 17th.

While it might be a sad occasion, it’s great to see that both Minami and Ayano have plans for their future. From acting to simply making more people smile, it’s a great opportunity for them both to take on new challenges in life.

It’s been great seeing both of them throughout the years, since they have contributed so much to the group. Please continue supporting them as they make their way to their final performance!

Best of luck Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano!

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5 thoughts on “Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano To Graduate From Up Up Girls

  1. I must be psychic or something because I had thought about Sengoku Minami earlier today. Not helped by a joke that UUG would announce their major debut at a graduation.

    That maybe been what ask the UUG train was about.

    May they have a brought future.

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    1. Me too! I was just thinking how she has been in the group for so long. Thankfully, she has big plans in store for her so I look forward to seeing her on stage once more

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        1. That’s true, I’m glad to see that the other members are still on board (for now)
          Surprisingly, UUG (2) were called a “sister group” in the announcement, so I’m not even sure if they will replace any members or be their own thing

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