Utada Hikaru “Fantôme” Album Details Released

Utada Hikaru Fantome

Utada Hikaru has revealed details for her upcoming album titled Fantôme.

Out September 28th, this will be Utada Hikaru’s 1st album in eight years.

There will only be one edition of the album with 11 tracks, 8 of which will be new.

From the covers and the title it seems like Utada is going for a more vintage French look which is an interesting choice since it seems like a unique premise for a Japanese album.

Despite that we have only a little over one month before the album is released so it’s great to see the album slowly take shape before it’s released for fans to enjoy.

Utada Hikaru Fantome



  1. Michi
  2. Ore no Kanojo
  3. Hanataba wo Kimi ni
  4. Ni-jikan dake no Vacation
  5. Ningyo
  6. Tomodachi
  7. Manatsu no Tooriame
  8. Kouya no Ookami
  9. Boukyaky
  10. Jinsei Saikou no Hi
  11. Sakura Nagashi