X21 Will Disband

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X21 have announced that they will be disbanding.

The announcement was done during the group’s event on October 7th. An official statement was released by the group shortly after, where it was announced that the members had decided to walk down individual paths and grow from their experiences.

Their last performance is set for November 25th at Quest Hall in Harajuku. The group will stop all activities on November 30th.

X21 has been around since March 2014, so it’s safe to say that they have left their mark in the idol world. However, it’s not surprising to see that they start to focus more on their careers and lives outside of being an idol. Yes, it might not be the best of news for us fans, but I’m glad to see that they are thinking about their future, which may or may not include the entertainment business.

While we only have a couple of months left with X21, I definitely encourage everyone in the area to go to their final performance. Best of luck X21 members!

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