Run Girls, Run! Do Cute Dances Around School For Their “Go! Up! Stardom!” MV

run girls run go up stardom

Run Girls, Run! do cute dances around school in the MV for Go! Up! Stardom!

Out October 31st, the single will be available in Limited (CD+DVD) and Regular.

Imagine a typical idol MV. What comes to mind? Seifukus. School. Scenes with every member smiling as they dance along to an upbeat song. Nice, well that’s exactly what we get with this release.

Yes, it might not be one of the most complex releases possible but it’s a fun release that is sure to please fans of classic idol releases. Most of the shots are just them dancing around school, but it matches the upbeat nature of the song. Add in a few scenes of them outside and in an auditorium and you have a fun release.

Let’s be real: It’s not going to be the single of the year. But, it’s well worth a watch if you’ve been in the mood for a light idol release. The single doesn’t appear to be up on CDJapan so make sure to give that video a like to show your support!

Go! Up! Stardom!
Run Girls, Run!

run girls run go up stardom cover limited

run girls run go up stardom cover regular

Run Girls, Run! OHP