=LOVE Explore A Story Of Love And Betrayal In “Teokure caution”

equal love teokure caution

=LOVE, also known as Equal Love, explore a story of love and betrayal in the MV for their 3rd single titled Teokure caution.

Out May 16th, the single will be released in 3 editions.

MVs with dark themes are pretty hard to get done well. Most often just darken the images and call it a day, but =LOVE are doing it differently.

In this release we get to see what starts out as a happy drama styled MV with all of the members posing for a picture. We soon realize that not everything is what it seems as the song kicks in, with a powerful rock ballad sound. The intense sound plays as the members go through their lives with drama behind every corner.

Sure, the sound effects are distracting and cover up the song but it gives us a pretty awesome preview of this release. Make sure to check it out below and grab a copy of that single below!

Teokure caution

equal love teokure caution cover type a
Type A


equal love teokure caution cover type b
Type B


equal love teokure caution cover type c
Type C