Tsubaki Factory Announce Their 1st Album

tsubaki factory

Tsubaki Factory have announced the release of their 1st full album titled first bloom.

Out November 14th, the album will be released in 3 editions.

The 3 editions include a Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and a Regular version. Limited A will contain a Blu-ray with MVs, Making Of, and other videos for more than 3 hours of footage. Limited Edition B will contain Tsubaki Indies & Covers which will feature 6 songs from their indies era and 5 cover songs of other groups within Hello! Project.

The album will include 18 songs with 12 of those songs being previous releases from their 4 singles during the past year and a half. There will also be several brand new songs as well as songs such as Happy Cracker and Yuki no Planetarium.

Tsubaki Factory have been dominating the idol scene with their releases and thankfully they are finally releasing their 1st album for fans, both new and old, to enjoy. This is a welcome release since it gives those who have been following the group a convenient way to enjoy their music as well as giving Hello! Project an opportunity to use a flower pun in a release.

More details such as covers, track lists, and other fun additions are sure to come, so make sure to stay tuned for more in the coming months!

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