Nogizaka46 “Ano Kyoushitsu” MV Released

Nogizaka46 Sayonara no Imi Limited A

Nogizaka46 have released the MV for their upcoming track titled Ano Kyoushitsu.

Out November 9th, the track will be part of the Limited A version of the single for Sayonara no Imi.

The MV for Sayonara no Imi has been released already.

Ano Kyoushitsu features Saito Asuka and Hori Miona and is reported to showcase a surreal choreography as Asuka escapes into a fantasy world. One important thing to note: there are at least 30 different socks in the MV, yes 30.

Again, it’s blocked for most of the world (me included) but if you’re lucky enough to be able to check it out make sure to do so since it seems like an interesting release.

Nogizaka46 Sayonara no Imi Limited A
Limited A



  1. Sayonara no Imi
  2. Kodoku na Aozora
  3. Ano Kyoushitsu
  4. Sayonara no Imi ~off vocal ver.~
  5. Kodoku na Aozora ~off vocal ver.~
  6. Ano Kyoushitsu ~off vocal ver.~


  1. Sayonara no Imi (MV)
  2. Ano Kyoushitsu (MV)
  3. Documentary ~Sayonara no Imi~