BiS “CHANGE the WORLD” MV Released

Shin BiS

BiS have revealed the MV for their track titled CHANGE the WORLD.

Out November 16th, the track will be part of the group’s new album titled Brand-New Idol Society2.

This is the 1st album featuring the new lineup for BiS.

Kicking off with a catchy punk styled drum beat, CHANGE the WORLD showcases the members as they sing from around the city alongside multiple fans sporting BiS merchandise. The catchy song has a traditional BiS sound that we all love, and the fact that they’re slowly riding the fans down the street is a fun plus.

As for the album itself, it might be mostly composed of brand new versions of their classic hits (you can never have too much nerve .. ok, you can), but it seems like an exciting release from this non-idol group regardless.

Check out the MV (if you can, since it appears to be blocked in some countries) and grab a copy of the album!

BiS Brand New Idol Society2



  1. Give me your love Zenbu
  2. My Ixxx
  3. Nerve
  4. primal.
  5. BiSBiS
  6. Human after all
  7. IDOL
  8. Happy Birthday
  9. Reribi
  10. Not Special
  11. BiS
  12. Taiyou no Jumon
  13. CHANGE the WORLD

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