Shinozaki Ai “EAT ‘EM AND SMILE” Teaser Released

Shinozaki Ai Listen

Shinozaki Ai has released a teaser to promote her latest album titled EAT ‘EM AND SMILE.

EAT ‘EM AND SMILE will be released in two versions: a CD-only version which contains a 24 page PB, and a CD/DVD version with a 36 page PB.

Ai might be a familiar name to some and it’s mainly due to her experience as a gravure idol. Mainly due to her … assets … she has become a world known idol with her tantalizing images causing men around the world to stare at their screens for hours on end.

Now, in order to enjoy her music, fans will have to do the opposite and not look at her. At all.

The promotion is called LISTEN TO AI SHINOZAKI –Watashi wo Kiite, and in order to hear the MV for her song you must open the page on your phone, turn your phone away, and not look at the screen. If you do, the music stops and Ai looks at you with a sad look.

It’s a unique promotion and frankly it’s brilliant since it emphasizes that she has talent and it’s not only her body that will sell her music.

For those who are wanting some visual Ai action, there is an MV for a song titled Hikari which will be featured at the end of this post that was released a while ago.

How long can you last without looking at the screen? Will I be getting weird website traffic from now on? Let’s find out!

Release for the album is set for today so go and get a copy of this incredible album!

Listen Ai Shinozaki