SCANDAL | “Sisters” Review

Scandal 423

SCANDAL is one of those bands that just seems to have a unique story and style. Harking back from street lives to becoming among the most popular girl bands to this day in Japan it’s certainly no easy feat.

How does their newest release stack up against the rest?

Surprisingly well!

Sisters is hot on the heels of their single Stamp! which in itself was a breath of fresh air. Being a great fan of the group, I was certainly looking forward to new material when I found out about them a few years ago but since they took a small break in releases after Image it was certainly a long time coming.

Stamp! was a more rock sounding release, and this single is nothing similar at all. Gone are the heavy guitars, instead replaced by a catchy electronic beat. They do both have a similar laid back sound so fans of the previous release will definitely feel right at home.

You can definitely feel the vibe and how it compares to Stamp! so I feel like this release will be well received by many. Of course, it’s not too energetic so some might be put off by this. Regardless, the song is catchy, with some nice drum action from RINA to complement the sound.

The b-side is titled LIFE IS A JOURNEY, and yes it does sound like one of those inspirational quotes you see on Facebook. Regardless, the song is another laid back release but we get to see some more TOMOMI love so automatically I love it (big fan of her). It won’t win any rewards for the catchiest song, but it’s one of those songs you listen to when you’re looking for something calm to enjoy.

That is until the rock part kicks in and immediately we get treated to the more rock-centric style that many love. It’s a nice balance many will enjoy and a perfect coupling song.

Apart from the DVD in the limited edition and the karaoke version of the song there isn’t anything else from the release, but I have to say that the covers are perfect. The cartoon style fits well with the atmosphere with the Regular edition being my favorite of the two.

Definitely a great release for SCANDAL fans, highly recommended!

The single was released on September 9.

CDJapan Regular Edition | CDJapan Limited Edition