AKB48 | “Halloween Night” Review

AKB48 Halloween Night 412

Not many could have imagined how powerful AKB48 could become, but it seems like they have done an amazing job so far. To this day, they hold multiple records for millions of records sold, boast a massive amount of members spread throughout different groups, and so much more.

I do have to admit that I’m not that familiar with the group, having been a Hello! Project fan for most of my life. Recently though, I have started to spread out to more groups and this group was at the top of my list. What was I missing? What are their songs like? Thankfully I got a perfect opportunity to answer those questions with their single Halloween Night being released recently.

What do I think of it?

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SCANDAL | “Sisters” Review

Scandal 423

SCANDAL is one of those bands that just seems to have a unique story and style. Harking back from street lives to becoming among the most popular girl bands to this day in Japan it’s certainly no easy feat.

How does their newest release stack up against the rest?

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