AKB48 | “Halloween Night” Review

AKB48 Halloween Night 412

Not many could have imagined how powerful AKB48 could become, but it seems like they have done an amazing job so far. To this day, they hold multiple records for millions of records sold, boast a massive amount of members spread throughout different groups, and so much more.

I do have to admit that I’m not that familiar with the group, having been a Hello! Project fan for most of my life. Recently though, I have started to spread out to more groups and this group was at the top of my list. What was I missing? What are their songs like? Thankfully I got a perfect opportunity to answer those questions with their single Halloween Night being released recently.

What do I think of it?

The title itself is the biggest hint at what to expect from the song. It’s almost Halloween, so naturally many bands are starting to get into the spirit. How does J-pop match with those spooky sounds? Quite well I have to say, with a few minor flaws.

First, the costumes.

You have to set the tone for the single with the outfits. While we don’t see any sexy outfits so far, it’s for the better since the focus is on the songs after all and they did an amazing job with everyone having a different character.

Moving on to the actual content, the release features a great total of 7 songs (not including an additional track on the theater edition). To some, it might be a bit overwhelming and it’s not surprising since it’s a way of getting you to buy multiple copies. Despite that it does seem like a perfect number to give fans enough of a chance to find something they like with this release.

The covers themselves all follow a simple pattern: Regular version features the spooky costumes while the Limited version have normal silver outfits with a colored background that I imagine are used for the performances. In a way, it’s nice to see so many options of covers since clearly everyone will be happy. Don’t like the cover for Limited A? No problem, we have another great cover right over here.

Moving on to the actual songs, in an effort to not make the review incredibly long I’ll be listing the song and giving a short comment about each. Since there are MV’s for each song I will be showing them all off so you can get a sense of how they sound. Of course, the page would be massive if I had everything together so I had to split the review up into parts.

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