AKB48 | “Halloween Night” Review


So is this release the best that the group has had so far? In my opinion, no. It’s a solid release with a multitude of sounds alongside the main song, but it fails in a way to deliver a catchy sound that matches the actual title of the song. The disco theme is unique though and I love how the costumes added a touch of Halloween but all in all the actual song is a bit laid back for my taste.

Granted, the single itself has sold millions and I can see why. J-pop by itself has become generic, with upbeat songs matched with a mass of girls singing at the same time while they play and laugh at the camera in slow motion. AKB48, on the other hand, have matured to a more rounded sound providing a solid variety of songs that gives everyone something to enjoy.

It’s my first foray into AKB48 outside of their earlier releases so I don’t have much to compare on previous songs. Despite that I can see why so many love AKB48, with the group being able to adapt their vocals to any style (it helps having so many members).

Fans of the group will feel right at home though since the sounds of all of the songs included all combine to form a solid release. They embody the season well summing up the main highlights of this time of year such as the end of the summer, festivals, wedding season for some, and of course Halloween to a certain extent.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the next release will sound but for now I strongly encourage fans to pick up a copy if they haven’t done so already.

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