Rev.from DVL Announce Disbandment

Rev.from DVL Okujo Sukima Shiroi Sora

Rev.from DVL have announced their disbandment.

According to their site, it appears that the members have reached the crossroads of their life for employment and their future. A discussion was made regarding their future and they ultimately decided to disband.

The final performance will take place on March 31st at Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS.

The members each released a photo of them holding hands on their personal Twitter accounts:

The fact that they decided to disband instead of simply graduating one by one is an interesting part of this announcement. Most groups tend to go on indefinitely and slowly lose momentum as they years go by and the fans get bored. However, all members of the group seem to have mutually decided to leave as one, which is not only respectable but also a good way to ensure that they leave off in a high note.

It might be sad, but fans who wish to show their support will be able to get a Best Of album sometime before they disband. It has yet to be detailed but more info will be revealed in the coming months as the members make their way to their final performance.

Best of luck REV.from DVL members! | REV.from DVL