Rev.from DVL “NEVER SAY GOODBYE” MV Released

Rev.from DVL NEVER SAY GOODBYE -arigatou- Cover Regular

Rev.from DVL share the MV for their track titled NEVER SAY GOODBYE.

Out March 8th, the track is part of their final Best-of album titled NEVER SAY GOODBYE -arigatou-.

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Rev. From DVL’s Takahashi Nanami and Kouya Honami Announce Graduation

Rev. from DVL has announced that Takahashi Nanami and Kouya Honami will be graduating from the group.

Their graduation is set for May 28th with a special concert in Fukuoka planned.

Takahashi will be leaving the group due to complications with her scoliosis, and she has been advised to stop activities with the group as a result. Naturally, the life of an idol wears out the body so her decision is expected for her health.

Kouya will be graduating due to her wanting to continue her education in college. It might be a common reason for wanting to leave, but education is always something that holds a priority.

Like always, graduations are sad for fans but it seems like both members have important reasons to leave the group. We wish both Takahashi Nanami and Kouya Honami the best of luck!

Rev. from DVL OHP

Rev.from DVL “Okujo no Sukima Shiroi Sora” MV Released

Rev.from DVL Okujo Sukima Shiroi Sora

The MV for Rev.from DVL’s Okujo no Sukima Shiroi Sora has been released.

There are three versions for this release: Type A featuring a song titled Yumemiru Dake Yori alongside a DVD with a Dance, Regular, and the Making Of for the MV. Type B will feature a song titled Smile・Jump alongside the 1st episode of the audio drama from the group, and an online only version. All of the versions will feature the song Ungai Souten Samurai Damashi.

The single has been out since January 5th, so it seems like the MV is a perfect way for those who missed the release date to get a copy and from what I can see it’s a nice way to start off the year.

With a more mature tone, we get to see the members wearing black leather jackets, and singing a heartfelt ballad with some twin guitars in the back. Since there is a ballad feel to the song there isn’t much of a fast beat (chorus is the fastest part), but the guitars in the track make for a nice way to add in some edginess.

It’s a good song, but not my favorite from what I heard. The image is the standout, the black and red makes for an amazing combo that fits them well. It’ll be fun to see where they go from here, but it’s a solid release so far!

Rev.from DVL OHPRev.fromDVL CDJapan

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