Details for Kikkawa You’s 10th Single Released

Kikkawa You Ha wo Kushibare Charming Shoubou Sedai

Details for Kikkawa You‘s upcoming 10th single titled Ha wo Kushibare! / Charming Shoubou Sedai have been released.

The single will be available in 1 regular edition alongside 2 limited editions. Limited A will include a DVD with the MVs for the single alongside the Making Of, while Limited B will feature a bonus track which is currently untitled.

While we might not get the actual covers of the single just yet, it’s a relief to see that we at least have the titles to go based off of.

Hopefully the covers are released soon but for now it seems like this will be a solid release from Kikka! | CDJapan

Ishida Haruka To Graduate From AKB48

AKB48 Ishida Haruka

Ishida Haruka has announced her graduation from AKB48.

This was revealed at the group’s recent performance at AKB48 theater with no set graduation date. According to Haruka, her reason for wanting to graduate is that she wishes to be a voice actress (seiyuu).

While it might be a sad occasion for fans of the group, it is certainly good news that she will be remaining in the public eye with her dreams of voice acting becoming a reality.

Best of luck Ishida Haruka!

Keyakizaka46 “Te wo Tsunaide Kaerouka” and “Yamanote Sen” MVs Released

Keyakizaka46 Silent Majority Cover Type A

Keyakizaka46 has released MVs for the coupling songs of their upcoming single titled Te wo Tsunaide Kaerouka and Yamanote Sen.

Releasing April 6th, the two tracks are part of the single titled Silent Majority, which we got to find out more a few weeks ago.

While the two MVs might be locked to only show in Japan, the reports from fans seem to be positive. Instead of going for a more traditional idol release we instead get to see the group tied into a mystery and a story where they are left to figure out how they got to where they are.

If you are able to check them out make sure to do so since it seems like a solid step for this group, and while those of us outside of the US might be a bit out of luck (damn you region locking!) I still recommend you pick up a copy of the single if you like their past music since it seems like a more grown up style for them.


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Up Up Girls “Party People Alien” MV Released

Up Girls Party People Alien Seven Peace Cover Regular

Up Up Girls have released the MV for Party People Alien.

The song is one half of their upcoming 20th single which will be released on April 5th.

Starting off with an extremely passionate singing of the title of the song from Saho Akari, the video itself is as weird and interesting as expected, and I love it.

With a heavy electronic sound and lyrics that are basically just a mash of words, I have to admit that it’s certainly one of those songs that reflect how amazing and creative Japan is (partying aliens is not a normal topic in music sadly)

Make sure to check it out since it’s a must see for everyone who likes catchy electronic songs!


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Namie Amuro 42nd Single Announced

Namie Amuro Mint Profile Picture

Namie Amuro has announced the release of her 42nd single titled Mint.

The single will be used as the theme song for the drama Boku no Yabai Tsuma, and will be released on May 18th.

There will only be two versions of the release: CD Only and a limited edition CD+DVD version.

While details of the actual single might be scarce, it’s good to note that the single will be recieving great promotion with it being used as the theme song for the drama.

We’ll be getting a preview of the song when the drama premieres mid-April so make sure to tune in for that, and if you like what you hear definitely get a copy so that you can enjoy this great release!

 | Limited

Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka To Release Mini-PB

Juice=Juice Miyazaki Yuka Greeting PB

Juice=Juice has announced that Miyazaki Yuka will be releasing a mini-PB titled Miyazaki Yuka – Greeting Photobook –.

The PB will be based on her Greeting DVD and will be released April 2.

While it might not be a full PB, it seems like a nice way to spotlight and give her some attention (most likely due to a positive reaction to her solo DVD). Of course, not much info is known at the moment but we should be getting this PB in a matter of days (with a bonus photo as well).

Thankfully, the PB is available on CDJapan so fans who want to get one are in luck. Make sure to get your copy since it seems like a great release!

e-Lineup | CDJapan

AKB48’s Takahashi Minami To Release 1st Solo Album

AKB48 Takahashi Minami

AKB48’s Takahashi Minami has announced that she will be releasing a currently untitled solo album.

The album will be releasing Fall 2016, and will be the 1st solo release in 3 years. This was announced at the graduation concert she had at Yokohama Stadium.

While we might not have many details about the actual release yet, it seems like an amazing relief for fans who might have been worried that she would not continue her singing career.

Of course, we’ll find out more about this release as time goes by but we have more time until she graduates since her last performance is scheduled for April 8th.

Make sure to get a copy of the album once it’s officially announced!


C-ute “Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?” MV Released

C-ute Naze Hito Arasoun Cover Regular

C-ute have released the MV for their song Naze Hito wa Arasoun Darou?

The track is part of their upcoming triple a-side single alongside Summer Wind and Jinsei wa STEP! which will be out on April 20th. The covers and more details were released a few weeks ago.

The song itself has a hopeful message, with a title that means Why Do People Fight? it’s no surprise to see they they went for a slower beat. That, coupled with the flashy dresses and the use of trumpets and soulful background singers results in a unique sounding song.

The instrumental was an interesting choice since it has a nostalgic touch to it that pair perfectly with the setting of the MV to form a vintage look that is sure to please fans of the era.

While I am not a big fan of the sound I have to admit it’s still pretty solid and a perfect entry the group’s song list, mainly due to the opportunity they have to showcase their vocals.

Make sure to check it out since  it’s certainly one of the more interesting MVs from C-ute!


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Billie Idle “Douse Kieteshimau Inochi nara…” MV Released

Billie Idle 4 in 1 Official Bootleg Cover

Billie Idle has released the MV for the track titled Douse Kieteshimau Inochi Nara…

Releasing April 6th, this track is part of their upcoming EP titled 4 in 1 “THE OFFICIAL BOOTLEG”. Each member of the group wrote the lyrics for one of the songs:

  1. Kuwaresou  – Momose Momo
  2. Koi no Magical Vibration – First Summer Uika
  3. by – Yasui Yuuhi
  4. Douse Kieteshimau Inochi Nara… featuring First Summer Uika, Kamiya Saki, Tentenko, and Michibayashi Rio – Nozomi Hirano

As a fan of BiS, it was definitely a nice surprise to see Hirano Nozomi in an MV with her former group members Tentenko, Michibayashi Rio, Kamiya Saki, and even First Summer Uika.

Sure, it might only be a slight cameo at first but the fact that they helped out with the vocals as well was a nice touch.

The song itself is on the ballad side with a fun theme: dominoes. Instead of singing and dancing we get to see Nozomi set up dominoes to form an interesting image at the end that is well worth a look for fans of the group.

Make sure to check out the MV since the song and visuals are some of the best from Billie Idle!

Billie Idle OHP | CDJapan

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