=LOVE Turn Into Superheroes For “Kiara, Tasuke ni Kitazo”

equal love teokure caution

=LOVE turn into superheroes for Kiara, Tasuke ni Kitazo.

Out May 16th, the track is part of =LOVE’s 3rd single titled Teokure Caution.

Remember that simple MV that =LOVE released titled Bukatsuchu ni Megaau Natte Omottetanda? Well, hope you like that one shot look because it’s back.

This time, however, we get to enjoy a variety of special effects that add a fun mix to the already epic MV. Effects such as flashes of light help get the theme of the song across and help the members of =LOVE look like true heroines.

How about that song? Kiara, Tasuke ni Kitazo has an epic sound with a ballad touch. The vocals are truly the highlight of the release since they fit in so well and help make the song a truly memorable one.

Haven’t bought a copy of the single? Well, the single is out already so I highly encourage you to do so since it’s a pretty awesome release. Grab it below and check out that MV while you’re down there!

Kiara, Tasuke ni Kitazo
=LOVE (Available in Type B and C Editions)

equal love teokure caution cover type a
Type A


equal love teokure caution cover type b
Type B


equal love teokure caution cover type c
Type C