BRATS Announce Their 1st Full Album

brats 1st full album

BRATS have announced the release of their 1st full album titled BRATS.

Out July 25th, the album will be released in 1 edition.

The album will contain a 24 page photo book, a DVD with 5 music videos, and a track list with 10 songs.

After leaving LADYBABY, Kuromiya Rei has been hard at work focusing on her band BRATS. Thankfully, that focus has resulted in a new album release that’s sure to please fans who want to own all of the group’s releases in only one CD.

As of now, there’s no cover for this album but what we do have is a lot of hype for what’s sure to be an incredible release from this 3 member group.

Make sure to preorder your copy once it’s available below to show your support!

Check out BRATS and their releases at CDJapan below



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