[UPDATED] Sayashi Riho To Graduate From Morning Musume ’15

Sayashi Riho

UPDATED: Translation of her graduation announcement after the break

Sayashi Riho has announced that she will be graduating from Morning Musume ’15.

She will remain in Hello! Project after her graduation. Her reason for leaving is that she wants to focus on her dancing.

Thank you for your continued support towards Morning Musume。’15.

Today, Riho Sayashi has announced she will graduated from Morning Musume。’15 on December 31st in her blog post.

Riho became a 9th generation member and made her debut with “Majidesuka Suka” in 2011 and continued her career until now.

She said she wants to devote herself to her progress in dancing, and she talked about this matter many times. With her consent, we came to this conclusion.

Riho will graduate from Morning Musume。but she will be a Hello! Project’s member after the graduation.

Before flying with her own wings, we will watch her with this new challenge.

Until her Morning Musume。’15’s graduation as a member, she will continue to perform much more during the current tour and during the other activities.

Please continue to support Morning Musume。’15 and assist Riho Sayashi in the future.



As a big Momusu fan it’s strange to see a 9ki member graduate all of a sudden. Seeing her join the group and being proclaimed as the ace with her amazing dancing skills and vocal abilities it seems like she was destined to shape the group into an amazing force to be reckoned with and across the years it seems like she did just that.

Sadly, fans have pointed out that she seems bored at times, and I do have to agree. Maybe the group isn’t challenging her skills enough? Maybe the idea of being restricted to only a few lines in a song while dancing with others might be a bit too much? Regardless, she will remain with H!P so that’s a relief since we will be able to enjoy her performances in the umbrella of groups.

What she will be doing from now on is certainly a mystery but I look forward to finding out as the time comes near.

Her graduation is set for December 31 (the 5th anniversary of being announced as part of Morning Musume), so fans make sure to attend her final performance to support her as she moves on to her solo activities!

Good luck Riho, thank you for the many years of amazing performances!

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A Report

Thank you for always supporting Morning Musume.’15.

I have something that I must convey to you all.

I, Sayashi Riho,
will graduate from Morning Musume. ’15 on December 31 of this year.

It’s been about 5 years since the 6th grade, when I joined the Morning Musume. that I had admired since I was in kindergarten,
Starting from Tsunku♂-san, all of the numerous staff, all of the Morning Musume. and Hello! Project members, and even more so from all of the fans, by all of you I have been supported as I continued run forward.

However, in the midst of continuing to run forward, this year I began to think of my life from here on out.
Are there not other experiences that I must have, so that I can live strongly, as one person? Is how I have come to think.

I consulted many times with the management, and after taking the time to confirm the growth of my juniors the 12ki this year, I have come to the decision to graduate from Morning Musume.

In regard to my graduation day, when it will have been 5 years since I joined Morning Musume.,
as well as the last day of “Morning Musume.’15,” it has been decided that I will graduate at the Countdown Live on December 31.
For the Morning Musume. tour, December 7th and 8th at the Nippon Budokan will be my last performances.

I am sorry for the abrupt announcement.
I think I have probably surprised you.
But I have been worrying about this within myself up until now.
And from that this decision came to be.

I am thinking of going abroad to study dance and English from now on.
In doing so, I’ll get a lot of experience and grow from it, and I will do my best so that I may return quickly.

Although I only have two months until my graduation,
until then, I want to complete “Morning Musume.’15” together with the other members.

I want to run forward with all of my strength until December 31, so everyone, please treat me well!

Morning Musume.’15
Sayashi Riho

Source: Blog! Project